Node-Aware Stencil Communication for Heterogeneous Supercomputers

Carl Pearson
Fri 28 Feb 2020, 02:00PM - 03:00PM
Coordinated Science Lab 216
C3SR Bi-weekly Technical Seminar
High-performance distributed computing systems increasingly feature nodes that have multiple CPU sockets and multiple GPUs. The communication bandwidth between these components is non-uniform. Furthermore, these systems can expose different communication capabilities between these components. For communication-heavy applications, optimally using these capabilities is challenging and essential for performance. This work presents approaches for automatic data placement and communication implementation for 3D stencil codes on multi-GPU nodes with non-homogeneous communication performance and capabilities. Benchmarking results in the Summit system show that choices in placement can result in a 20% improvements in single-node exchange, and communication specialization can yield a further 6x improvement in exchange time in a single node, and a 16% improvement at 1536 GPUs.