PUMPS+AI 2019 Summer School

It's my privilege to attend PUMPS+AI 2019 summer school in Barcelona! The summer school was stared by my advisor, Professor Wen-mei Hwu and David Kirk (formerly of Nvidia).


The first day of PUMPS, we mentored Pavel Eichler and Jakub Klinkovsky on GPU acceleration for a lattice-boltzmann-method-based computational fluid dynamics solver. Mert Hidayetoglu, Simon Garcia de Gonzalo, and I helped them apply some binning and scatter-to-gather transformations for a key coordinate-transformation step of their code.

Tuesday - Friday

The next three days consisted of morning lectures and afternoon hands-on labs for the students. I was mostly responsible for maing the sure the students could use rai to do their labs, and I also TAed the labs:


The final day has the Barcelona Supercomputing Center teaching the students about OmpSs, a pragma-based parallel runtime.